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Using a Projector to Cut Out Sewing Projects

Do you ever get tired of printing your PDF sewing patterns, plus all the time it takes to assemble them before you can sew? What if there was a better and faster way?

There is! In late 2019 or early 2020 I came across a Facebook group called Projectors for Sewing. I was intrigued, so after lurking in the group for a month or so, I bought a projector, started using it, and it has changed the way I use and design PDF sewing patterns because it makes the process more streamlined.

In just a few minutes you can go from purchasing the PDF pattern to cutting your fabric. There's no printing or assembly involved.

If you're interested, this short video shows my projector setup. For more help and information, I recommend joining the Projectors for Sewing Facebook group as well.

Happy Sewing!