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How to Assemble a PDF Sewing Pattern

Grab your printed pattern, some adhesive, and a pair of scissors and let's put your pattern together!

First, measure your test square to ensure that your pattern printed correctly.

Lay your pages out in order, in rows, following the tile assembly diagram. (Ignore the pocket page(s) for now, you'll assemble those later). Gather your pattern paper in rows and using your scissors or another cutting device, cut the right and bottom margins of your first row of pages. On the last page of each row, you don't need to cut the right side. On the bottom row you don't need to cut off the bottom margins.

Starting at the last page, line up your tiles and tape them together one row at a time. After the bottom row is complete, assemble the top row. Trim any extra tape bits that hang over the side. Line up the rows and tape them together.

Cut out your full sized pattern with scissors (or you can use a rotary cutter designated for paper...if you have an extra one). Now you can assemble the basic rounded pocket and cut it out. Cut out the other pockets as needed.

Happy Sewing!